Signs That Prove Your House Has Bats Infestation

Have you noticed some droppings that are smelly in your house room? Well, you could be having a bat infestation in your home.

Bats are flying animals, which are classified under the category of flying mammals. Unlike other animals and pests that are attracted to a residence due to the dirt and lousy smells coming from the house, bats are not excited by these. They usually end up in the house as they follow the air current that is passed in the house through the attic or ant cracks that may be in the house.

What Are Signs That Prove Your Resident Has Bat Infestation?

1. When You See Bats in Your House

A visible sign right there! If you see a bat passing through the ceiling or the attic to the inside or outside of your house more than once at night, this is a huge sign that proves that the bat is living in your home. It could be in the attic, basement, or any other isolated room that is dark most of the time.

2. When You Notice Bats’ Droppings on Various Parts of the House

lots of droppingsBats don’t have a specific place that they drop they waste. They can drop anywhere at any time of the day. Therefore, if you are walking in your hallways, and you find some dropping on your floor, the chances are that there is a bat that was hanging either from the wall or ceiling in that particular area of the house. Other areas that you can find the bat droppings are on the decks, the windows, and also the porch.

Once you notice any of the above signs, make sure to call the pest control company to come and help you get rid of the bats. This is important since once the bats make your home their habitat, it will be quite difficult to get rid of them. Also, you can prevent them from entering into your home by sealing all the large holes and attics in your house.

Furthermore, it would help if you ensure that your entire home is clean. You can always call a pest control company to help you inspect your house for any pest infestation.